Loot from Black Pit and Keep

Loot since entering the Otyugh Caves (Black Pits) and Keep.
Note: This is missing any treasure from the Rat Catcher session as I (John/Tarak) was not present…

Most of this has been identified and divided for carrying, but we have not had time to sell anything and have not yet gotten XP bonuses for any magic items acquired.

From “Black Pits” (Otyugh caves):

  • Magic Sword (Avonde; later identified as +2, +3/6 vs Ungen; glows blue 20’ diameter when unsheathed)
  • Crystal Ball (Tarak) – With keyword “Detect”, will begin to glow with a bright light the closer it is brought to magical items?
  • Golden Cord (Tarak) – identified as part of the magic horn

Keep Lower Dungeon:

From Neferus’ quarters:

  • Magic White Ermine Cloak (Avonde; Conceals alignment)
  • Large quantity of magical components (worth money; used to help stage ambush for Neferus at Risticulian’s shop. (Menelaus is claiming if not carrying)
  • Various other valuable clothing and trinkets

From Golem Construction Room:

  • Books and notes on Golems (Crafting recipes, strengths, weaknesses, etc.)

QUESTION: Did we find any loot on the Acolytes or other lower dungeon guards we encountered/defeated/released?

First priest and guards in first guardroom ambush (arrow slits):

  • +1 Magic Leather Jerkin (Kiint carrying; probably sell for gold)
  • +2 Magic War Hammer (Tarak is carrying)

QUESTION: What about second priest and guards in the room off the Shrine area?

Entrance area to Lower Dungeon:


Two guards
  • 3gp (Group; not divided)
  • 5gp (Group; not divided)
  • 130 gp in gold and jewelry (Group; not divided)
  • +2 very nice mace (Tarak wields this)
  • Full chain (non-magical; grab it later)
  • Scroll (Priest: Cause Fear) – Tarak
    (Healing) potion – Kiint takes this
    Key to the next door – Kiint takes this

Upper Dungeon Entrance

Cleffort Von Graff (Captain of the Guard)

  • Fine Ring (he was reluctant to part with this) – +3 Saving throws? (Tarak)
  • Ring of House Keys (including Dungeon) (Tarak)

Ambush of Neferus and associates:


  • Fancy circlet atop his head
  • Ring on his left hand
  • Amulet around his neck
  • Another vial of dust (matched the one that turned him invisible)
  • Exceptional robe
  • Ring on his right hand
  • Potion (probably healing by the looks)


  • Fancy dagger
  • Nice staff
  • (Information!)

[Adam will provide a list of other monetary treasure and anything interesting the priests and guards were carrying.]

Loot from Black Pit and Keep

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