Out on the frontier

The Restoration of Kiint, Ranger and Loyal Friend

After the recent ordeal with Nepherus and Therus, the team rejoices at finally having a little downtime to rest and celebrate. After a hearty meal, some healing spells and a well-deserved night’s sleep under their belt, Tarak announces to the group that his faith and their efforts have not gone unnoticed by Daladon Lothian, the God he has devoted his life’s work to.

He solemnly approaches Kiint.
“You have long stood at my side, defending my life and the lives of those I’ve sworn to protect. When we first met, you had chosen a life of a hermit, but rose above that, defiant of your crippling curse and brave enough to leave the shadows of isolation. You believed in yourself and in our cause to root out evil and defend those that could not defend themselves. I can never fully thank you for what you have given, but I am grateful I can finally bring you at least this.”

Bringing his holy symbol, a casting of the Great Oak, Tarak begins a low chant. As it gains in volume, the Great Oak radiates a silver light, bathing Kiint in a luminous glow. As the light fades, the dread leprosy Kiint has long suffered is purged from his body; as the sores, cracked skin and other deformities begin to vanish, the sense of touch long absent from most of his limbs begins to return.


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