The Griffin Room

An elaborate, posh Inn and Tavern in Ludensheim, this establishment caters to a wide range of travellers, with accommodations ranging from inexpensive common rooms all the way up to premium suites for visiting nobility and their entourage.

Darren Herst is the co-owner.

A large stable can be found out back where mounts and pack animals can be quartered; it also serves as quarters for the numerous servant urchins that assist in staffing.

One of the urchin bellhops named Magnus has offered to help us with anything we need and demonstrates great enthusiasm for our story and company. This is perhaps motivated at least in part by the very large tip that Dai’ga Kayaldra gave him as he was seeing us to our quarters.


Special: 6 for 7: Pay for Six Nights and Get the Seventh for Free!
3sp/night: Two long-beds and two chamber pots in a secure guestroom
5sp/night: Private room with chamber pot and premium lock

The Griffin Room

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