A small town, founded by the still-living (but frail) Clement Botkin. Currently ruled by Clement’s moronic grandson, Volkmar Botkin.


The Bent Hook/Ortolf’s House of Sludge

The main tavern (at least for humans), offers stabling, simple rooms, food and the famous Sludge (a dark beer). Often used as a meeting-place and frequented by most visitors to Botkinburg.

The House of d’Amter

Lars and Gisela Haffner are devotees of the God of healing, providing a variety of simple service including conventional medical treatment, basic magical healing and Gisela’s excellent collection of herbs.

The Keep

The Keep dominates the town. Built by Clement Botkin, who is now confined to one small suite of rooms as his grandson, Volkmar Botkin now rules with his wife Inelda Botkin, assisted by his uncle Frekin Botkin and cousin Thadius Seedmayer. Aldadius, Clement’s loyal right hand, continues to act as steward and attempt to curb Volkmar’s worst excesses.


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