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Brief recap: Havenwale Burial Mound

This is a quick recap/summary of past adventure sessions. It is not meant to be comprehensive at this time, nor is it in character.

Session 6/15/2016:

PCs Present: Tarak, Dai’ga Kayaldra, Magic Jack
PCs Missing: Boominott, Avonde
NPCs Present: Kiint, Menelaus
NPCs Missing: None (Millipen died in previous session)

The Burial Mound near Havenwale
The group followed the gnomes’ description up to their old burial cavern. In past years, this used to be a well-maintained entrance to the town’s crypts where the dead were buried with honor. Since the Witch Queen sent Ceroneus to take over the town, the crypts have fallen into disrepair. There is still a sturdy, wide door to the entrance, but upon opening it, the party was presented with a horrible stench of decay. Inside, water had infiltrated to make everything slimy and promote decomposition. The center of a large entry chamber was filled with partially rotted gnome bodies in a huge pile where they had been deposited by the orcs and ungen without the traditional embalming rituals.
Tarak had cast Detect Undead and immediately perceived there were some medium-powered undead somewhere in the pile. The other exits from the room appeared to be sealed off from the rest of the tomb by cave ins triggered by the lack of upkeep.
Three gnome ghouls burst from the pile and attacked the group, paralyzing both Dai’ga and Tarak in their initial assault. However, the rest of the group were able to dispatch them without all becoming paralyzed and Tarak and Dai’ga quickly snapped out of it.
Another scan of the room by Tarak showed no more undead – at least in the accessible portions – and he noticed a number of glittering items. It was clear that the ghouls had been raiding the deeper tombs up until the passages collapsed and had looted some treasure.
From the corpses group retrieved:
[44 pp and 200 gp] These were returned to Havenwale to help them rebuild.
The rest of the below were revealed by Boris Micklewax as part of his own ancestor’s personal treasure. He offered them to the party as thanks for the town’s freedom with the condition that we offered the jewelry to the Micklewax family in Botkinburg first so that they had an opportunity to buy back these heirlooms:
400 gp jewelry (sold at value indicated to Herbert Micklewax in Botkinburg; at about 2x the appraised value)
Magic Short Sword (later revealed as +1); holding onto for now
(4) Magic Crossbow Bolts (claimed by Dai’ga)
Magic Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic (claimed by Tarak)

We met with Boris Micklewax – the leader of the gnomes that had been ensorcelled. He and the freed gnomes led an assault party to take over the inn from the renegade traitorous gnomes and restore the village. We promised him to keep the location and other information about Havenwale on the D/L; they would have enough problems with Freyland’s bandits having been there periodically. When asked, he provided better directions for more direct paths onto the road to Botkinburg so that we could easily return if needed without having to travel through Gypsheim and Dredston.

Retrieving the carefully-bundled Witch Queen’s mirror, we next headed back to Dredston with Nurfin’s wife Frema and daughter Owlen. On the way back, we encountered an Ogre attempting to ambush us, but Tarak easily noticed him and the party turned the ambush back on him. Fearful that he might cause problems with the gnomes if left alive, they quickly dispatched the ogre. Other than a 25-30 gp necklace he had been using as a nose ring, he had little else of value.

Nurfin’s family were reunited and were extremely grateful. They headed off towards Havenwale to return to their home.

Returning through Neagle’s woods on the way to Botkinburg, we were greeted by the dwarf (who put on more mud stew) and Neagle. She was extremely interested in our journey and in the mirror…

(Update to follow)


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