Out on the frontier

Assault on Dreddston - Part II

The Fall of Dreddston

Though wounded by the goblin shaman’s multiple Sound Bursts and a few lesser attacks by the goblin lieutenant, the party quickly regrouped and prepared against Reglar and his bandit force, who would certainly be upon them quickly given all the racket coming from the Inn.
Potions were drunk while doors were barricaded and braced.
As Reglar and his dwarf aide Grattl approached the door from their quarters, Avonde saw an opportunity and unleashed a well-aimed arrow from the treeline. The bandits began to reorganize outside as Grattl rushed the door, allowing several bandits entry. Reglar chose to fire his crossbow from a safe distance away and did some significant damage with a few choice shots.
However, Magic Jack had a few more sleep spells that he unleashed against the bandits and their leader. With missiles magical and mundane flying from woods and Inn, some crushing blows by Tarak and a few dagger strikes here or there, the bandits were vanquished.
Tarak and Millipen began searching the remaining houses and were able to free the gnomes and other enslaved humans. After Tarak reiterated his promise to locate Nurfin’s wife and daughter, Nurfin told him how to find Reglar’s house, and the stashed map to Havenwale Nurfin had described – obscured by Gnomish magics to appear like a family tree unless the proper trigger words were spoken.
Meanwhile, Avonde and the others began questioning Reglar’s crew (in a somewhat brutal and bloody manner.) Two of the surviving bandits quickly assessed their plight and appeared to be relatively content to return to the simple village lives they had prior to becoming recruited into Miles Freland’s gang – it was better than having their throats slit. As part of the negotiation, one offered up Reglar’s hiding place in the woods where he had buried his stash.
At this point, Tarak returned and offered to return their basic possessions and weapons, along with some small coin to ensure they got back on their feet before having to resort to criminal endeavors again.
The freed humans begged that the group escort them back to civilization. Agreeing to this, the entire group made its way cautiously back along the trail, widely skirting Gipsheim, eventually making their way into Botkinburg. As a parting gift, Tarak returned a handful of gold to the refugees – a small but welcome compensation for their loss and years of hardship.
Although Aldadius was away at the time, they recapped their recent discoveries to the Sergeant of Arms, who promised to bring him up to speed.
Vowing to locate Havenwale and take on the Ungen next, the group set off again, travelling though Neegle‘s wood as it was on the way. For once, Neegle and her dwarf “cook” seemed to be happy to see them and paid close attention as they related their tales of Risticulian and the return of the Ungen. They even partook of the meals the party had brought with them, glad to be rid of the mud-stew that was normally their daily fare. As a parting gift, Neegle found a few more healing draughts that she’d been working on since their last visit.
Rested and refreshed, the group set out, determined to figure out what was going on in the caverns of the SlagHeap.


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