Out on the frontier

A reluctant but necessary second visit to Ludenshine

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This occurs after the recent defeat of the witch queen in the Ziggurat, after which we made our way back to Botkinburg to report our findings to Aldadeus. Aldadeus’s long journey to New Aenoch did not turn up much useful information, other than that there was a personality change in Deepbold Himer around the time of his becoming mayor. Due to the strong suspicion that something in Ludenshine is at the heart of the recent troubles, we travel back to find out more information. We are beset by some starving bandits who do not appear to be associated with Miles Freeland (since they are starving).

We covertly arrange to meet with the wizard/alchemist Risticulean, and we find out several interesting bits of information. We find out that Ludenshine was built on remnants of Unklar’s creation; Dai’ga speculates that maybe Deepbold discovered a mirror like the one found in Havenwell. The Baronial guard is loyal to Himer, but not the city guard. Juskin Nitell is the leader of the city guard and is not a supporter of Himer or the prior mayor, Vrieland. There are about 40 in the Baronial guard and 30 in the city guard; the city guard has 6 day, 12-hour shifts. The “old city” has sewers going under many of the buildings – used to be full of rats, but now they are all gone. There could be catacombs under the city as well.

We meet halflings Nigel and Pampin who are fisherman who frequent the Goldpan Inn where we are staying. They take us to see rat catchers, for the low, low price of 5g, at the Drooling Dwarf, where Tristin Foulsouth is the proprietor. We are introduced to Joras, a rat catcher, who takes us into sewers for 2g/day. Joras notes that the sewers unde the castle were never to be visited (a rule passed down by his father and grandfather before him; perhaps these are the catacombs spoken of?). We see a large, three legged, long-tentacled, headless, many-toothed creature, which Joras obviously hadn’t seen before (as he became paralyzed with fear). After dispatching the creature, luckily without overly much effort, we see that there is a whole in the wall where such a creature may have bored through. We drop Joras back off at the Drooling Dwarf, paying him a few extra gold for his trauma and his silence. We then head back to the Goldpan, where we learn from Nigel (who is an information dealer) that Tull Merriweather was sent by the sheepherder guild to find out where the silk comes from, but hasn’t returned. We learn about Dibblegurm, a gnome who sells to shady clientelle (wizards); he runs a store in the bazaar. After meeting Dibblegurm in the bazaar, we arrange to discreetly meet him back at the Goldpan.


AdamBrazier Jondice

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